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The juicing trend is at an all time high and there are so many different combinations of juices to choose from. It can be quite overwhelming to know which juice you need and when.

Cold pressed, organic, detox, cleansing, green, veggie or fruit – the options are endless, so it’s tricky to know what is best. Not to mention that the cost of a single fresh organic cold pressed, cleansing juice can set you back between $5-$10.

This means that the average American, will likely not consume enough juice in one day to meet their recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies.

So how can we maintain excellent health when juice is costly and our lives are far too busy to go through the effort of juicing at home?

Now you don’t need to buy overpriced juices when you have your very own selection of dehydrated juices in a reusable bag. This raw rainbow collection offers over 50 organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. There is a blend for everyone with this personal on-the-go juice bar that has 6 different products that create over 50 drink flavors with 30 servings per bottle.

Keep your family prepared for whatever comes up with a bag of on-the-go healthy nutrients in the form of easy and safe dehydrated drink mixes and some pure water.

Pure ORGANIC superfoods

Amazingly convenient and super easy to use!

Even if you are just having a busy day around the house or at work, that bag of quick vital energy could save time, help you be more productive, and give you a clear head to perform your best.  It’s a lifestyle and a way of thriving that you’ll love.

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